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Debbie Weir

"We want every single person who has cancer to know about CSC and what we can offer them."
Debbie Weir

Promises to Come

While this marks my first annual report with CSC, it is not my first connection with this organization. Back in the late 90s, when I was starting out as a social worker, I did a stint of volunteer training at Gilda’s Club in Dallas and saw first-hand your exceptional support services. Joining you as CEO feels like coming home.
The cancer journey is one I know well, too, on both a professional and personal level. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. My father died by suicide after a tonsil cancer diagnosis and three years of debilitating treatment. And I was my brother’s caregiver as he struggled and ultimately died from esophageal cancer. From these experiences, I learned that no matter who you are, when you have a life-changing illness, you need support. You need guidance. You need compassion. You need comfort.
The Cancer Support Community provides all that and more—from gold standard navigation, social and emotional support, and award-winning educational materials, to policy-impacting research and advocacy at every level—helping patients, families, and caregivers all along the continuum.

In the coming months,

we will be sharing our plans for getting more services to more people who need us—including more in-person locations, an even more robust digital platform, and greater outreach to those who are medically underserved wherever and whoever they are. It is our pledge to reduce disparities and provide the care everyone needs and deserves.
As CEO, I have been struck over and over again by the passion and hard work shown by our staff, volunteers, network partners, and board. Their impact is enormous and is making a significant difference in the lives of countless patients and families.
There are over 18 million people living with cancer in the United States. Close to two million will be diagnosed this year. With your continued help, we will support them with the knowledge that community is stronger than cancer.
We promise. Together we care,
Debbie Weir CEO