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A Moral Imperative

Equity in Action
"It is our moral imperative to be a voice and a resource for people who traditionally and historically have lacked access to support and services."
Debbie Weir, CEO
Communities that are medically underserved have long suffered from separate and starkly unequal access to high quality care and culturally appropriate supportive services. In the past year, we have taken a series of ambitious steps to redress this injustice and close the gap between the promise and the delivery of equity in cancer care.

On Our Site

The CSC website offers a comprehensive array of tools and resources focused on educating and inspiring action to advance equity in cancer care and to help patients and families overcome barriers in finding the care they need. From user-friendly videos hosted by our interactive avatar, Ruby, to webinars, podcasts, and other useful materials covering specific diagnoses—especially those disproportionately affecting minority populations—visitors are empowered to navigate their disease, treatments, and therapies with knowledge and confidence.

In the Community

Last fall, we officially opened CSC Washington, D.C., our newest location offering no-cost support programs, healthy-lifestyle activities, educational events, and community navigation to anyone impacted by cancer in the nation’s capital. Since opening our virtual doors, we have served 72 individuals: 22 caregivers and 50 patients.

On Tribal Lands

From the heart of D.C. to Indian reservations out west, our commitment to strengthening communities everywhere knows no borders. Building on our success in Tuba City, AZ, CSC is working with CSC Montana to bring programs and services to the state, starting with a partnership with the Indian Family Health Clinic in Great Falls.
"American Indians in Montana have a particularly difficult time accessing care due to geographic isolation, lack of healthcare dollars to pay for their treatment, and difficulty navigating the healthcare system. To help close these gaps, CSC cancer navigators will support patients, caregivers, and their extended family with culturally adapted psychosocial care that addresses their concerns and meets their needs."
Becky Franks, M.A., CEO, CSC Montana

Among Thought Leaders

Under the leadership of our Cancer Policy Institute, we convened our third annual summit on utilization management (UM), which explored how UM practices like prior authorization, clinical pathways, and step therapy limit patient access to care while increasing disparities and costs. The summit brought together more than 100 health care professionals, patient advocate organizations, and various stakeholders. The event featured a keynote address by Dr. Karen Winkfield, Executive Director of the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance and remarks from Dr. Danielle Carnival, the White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.