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Cancer Emergency Fund
When people are facing a cancer diagnosis, they need a relentless ally by their side. 
That has always been our mission and it is why we launched the
Cancer Emergency Fund
this past March—to help cancer patients and their families overcome the unprecedented emotional, financial, and social disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the generosity of our donors, we have been able to provide 600 economically distressed individuals with $250 grants to help cover such basic expenses as food, utilities, rent, and travel. Patients apply via our Helpline where Community Navigators assist them with their applications while offering critical support for COVID-related distress.
Cancer Emergency Fund
"I am the caregiver for my husband as he goes through treatment for PTLD. He got his diagnosis in January this year and has had some complications resulting in surgery and various hospitalizations. We have a toddler who struggled with having her father being sick and away from home. I think one challenge is a trying to keep both my husband and daughter's needs met while not being able to rely on friends for childcare or play dates. From a carer’s perspective there’s very little relief and as a patient it’s difficult to be isolated at a time when emotions are running so high. Everyone is worried about bringing this virus home, but families of cancer patients are living with that anxiety on a hyper level. The relief fund isn’t just a financial support, it allows me to have a little space in my mind for joy and fun. It’s a windfall that gives our family respite from worrying about bills, letting us focus on healing."
Ash Winders
"To experience the Helpline as a fellow survivor and caregiver of a current patient means that I’m always exposed to varying levels of suffering.  This keeps me in tune with my own vulnerabilities and from time to time I think that it can be valuable to a caller that these vulnerabilities are felt by those of us on the line personally and professionally. Everyone on this line has a very personal connection to cancer. We get it...this is my personal ministry."
Charli Prather Levinson, MSW, LCSW
"Since the COVID-19 virus pandemic, I have lost all of the jobs I had booked...It’s also been more challenging to feel safe and protected receiving treatment...I live almost 4 hours from the hospital, so I have to stay overnight in order to be there by 8 am, and I have a very long infusion. I’m using the Emergency Fund assistance to cover travel expenses and food costs while traveling. I’m very thankful for the assistance CSC has given me, including the Open Homes program, which has greatly helped me with the housing dilemma of living far from the hospital... I consider myself very blessed and thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
Denise De Luise 
CSC Helpline
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