Airbnb Medical Stays Program
For many, Airbnb is a gateway to a happy holiday destination or a more comfortable alternative to hotels for business travelers.
Airbnb saw a need and in March 2019 established a partnership with CSC  to provide free housing for patients and caregivers, who needed to travel 50 miles or more for medically necessary care. The program grew within its first year, and thanks to a $2 million commitment from Airbnb, CSC has been able to secure free housing for more than 3,000 patients like Bill and Ashley.
However, for cancer patients like Bill Holder, Airbnb was more than a place to visit. The Medical Stays Program was literally a life saver, his home-away-from-home when he had to spend weeks at a time during clinical trials and follow-up appointments at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Simply put, “it facilitated my ability to do the trial,” he says.
"Thank you again for all your help! This program is a Godsend for me and my children. I cannot begin to tell you some of the burden this lifts.  I’m a single mom of 4 kids and this is my 3rd time facing cancer. The first time I had cancer, there was a fundraiser that helped me travel. But those funds ran out, especially now with facing cancer again. I was unable to do my scans in a timely manner and my treatments were delayed because I couldn’t afford to travel to Florida. I have Ewings Sarcoma, and there is no specialist anywhere near us. Without programs like yours, it wouldn’t be possible. It’s been a life saver." Ashley Larson
More than
3,000 patients
and caregivers have been able to take
of the CSC-Airbnb Medical Stays program.
Airbnb's Medical Stays program offers a home-away-from-home for patients and their families.
Bill’s situation is not unique. Many patients who live far from urban research centers (in Bill’s case, it was 800 miles from his home in Missouri to MD Anderson in Houston) lose out on participating in potentially life-extending clinical trials or sophisticated protocols because they cannot afford the cost of long-term lodging and other expenses.
Bill Holder's Journey
Thanks to our partners, we can create more opportunities to bring more care to more people.
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